Live Seafood is Better for You

Seafood is an excellent source of lean, high quality. The fresher the better, and it doesn't get fresher than live!

It Even Tastes Better, Fresher

All of our seafood arrives live, there can be no question of the freshness and the quality we deliver.

Get it Fast and Without Hassle

We stand behind the quality of our stock 100% and guarantee this freshness to your door.

How does it work?

  • All of our seafood is caught and delivered daily in New Zealand so you know you are getting the freshest seafood possible. Simply choose your favourite live seafood
  • We process your live fish, selection including filleting, gilling and gutting.
  • The processed fish is individually packed with ice in a vacuum sealed bag to ensure your seafood is delivered 100% fresh.

Perfect for wrasse, blue cod, or marble

Get a melt-in-your-mouth texture by braising your fish, and a full-flavored pan sauce—without the long cooking time.

Perfect for blue cod or butter fish

Perfect with some crusty bread, this simple healthy stew will soon become a favourite

Perfect for blue cod, wrasse, or sea perch

Nothing tastes as satisfying as steamed fish with white rice, drizzled with the soy sauce from the steamed fish.

We Care About Healthy and Eco-friendly Fish

We are a New Zealand owned, family operated business. Founded on the belief that there is a better way to handle, market and sell New Zealand's premium seafood, that no other company in the market was currently servicing. This belief is reflected in the company slogan - Bridging the seafood gap.

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