Live Storm Shell

New Zealand's Storm Shell is harvested in the deeper regions of the surf zone, 4 to 8 meters, with a total meat to shell ratio of more than 30%. The storm clam is unique in the world of shellfish. Ideal for use in single servings on the half shell, or alone as meat and tongue. The storm clam is versatile, interesting, and unique. 

The Storm Clam has two distinctly different flavors. The long, white tongue has a deep, rich aroma of fresh cream and a sweet, clean flavor of fresh scallop. The body has a deep, robust sea kelp aroma and an intense shellfish flavor, reminiscent of sea urchin and crayfish. The tongue had the texture of fresh calamari, the body has a deep, full texture with a firm bite when cooked.

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  1. New Zealand Storm Shell Clams are sweet and salty in taste, fresh and sweet in meat, rich in nutrition, rich in high-quality protein and rich in calcium and amino acids, which are very helpful to pregnant women and fetuses, nourishing Yin and nourishing deficiency, clearing heat and cooling liver.It is suitable for those with weak constitution, insufficient qi and blood and malnutrition
  2. They are more effective than the commonly used cholesterol-lowering drugs of sterols and sterols. So high cholesterol, hyperlipidemia of the constitution and suffering from goiter, bronchitis, stomach diseases and other diseases are particularly suitable for people
All our live stromshell clams come from the South Island of New Zealand

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