Live seafood specialist export

Ocean Best Seafood has been in business since 2011. It is a New Zealand owned, family operated company based in Auckland, New Zealand. The company was founded on the belief that there was a better way to handle, market and sell New Zealand's premium seafood, that no other company in the market was currently servicing. This belief is reflected in the company slogan - Bridging the seafood gap€. The initial belief of the founders along with their ingenuity, hard work and perseverance laid the platform for the company to develop into what it has become; industry leaders in the live and fresh seafood market. Oceans Best do not have to ask themselves how fresh their seafood is, they know that the freshest possible seafood is live and this is what they strive to deliver, along with a select range of fresh chilled seafood products. It is this point that differentiates Oceans Best from their competition, fresh is best.

The company sources only the highest quality products from throughout New Zealand, utilizing a network of small owner operated companies as well as their own boats to deliver the best products that New Zealand's 100% Pure Oceans have to offer. Control of these gourmet products from Ocean to table is a key part of the success of Oceans Best.

Oceans Best believe that New Zealand's seafood products are among the best in the world and should be treated and marketed with the care that such premium products deserve. They have now extended this ethos to include live Blue Cod, Wrasse, Marble Fish, Monkfish, Flounder, Packhorse, Red Crayfish,  Paua (Abalone), Geoducks, Surf Calms (Storm Shell, Diamond Shell, Tua Tua and Moon Shell), Paddle Crab and Red King Crab along with a wide range of fresh seafood products. The company continues to expand its product lines and strives to provide only the highest quality seafood.