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Found in the deeper parts of the surf zone at 5-10 metres, the Moon Shell with its beautiful mustard coloured, circular shell has a depth of flavour and firm texture like no other clam. It has a 20-25% meat to shell ratio. With its intense, sweet ocean flavour, with high iodine notes and meaty characteristics, the Moon Shell is a clam for the aficionado who appreciates a unique experience. 

Taste Profile: The Moon Shell exhibits a strong, briny aroma, reminiscent of oceanic sea spray when raw and an intense, deep venison like aroma when cooked. An intense full flavour when eaten raw, it is best to remove the frilly mantle to avoid notes which are drying and astringent. When cooked, the flavour of the Moon Shell evolves into a meaty, yet delicate flavour with rich, oceanic notes and a clean finish. 

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