Bringing the gap (Export Contact)

We have continued to innovate and refine our technologies and techniques so that we operate at virtually 0% mortality rates.

To achieve this has involved innovation and customization at every level of the business. This innovation and the capacity to innovate is just one of the many things that set us apart and we think that you will notice this difference.

We work closely with customers and to understand both their culinary and economic needs. We can see this as an important distinction; we ask what customer wants, then we pair this with the 100% pure seafood that New Zealand's waters offer. We Stock a diverse range of seafood's to meet our customer's needs and we are constantly developing and refining new products lines to suit an every more diverse culinary palate.

New Zealand Live Fish Market Ltd / OceansBest Ltd

PO Box 90559

Victoria street west auckland 1142


Clintin Frew / Managing Director 

Phone: +6421-0462689


Sarah Liang / Export Manager

Phone: +6421-686010


Rosemary Qiu / Account Manager

Phone: +86138 02756445 (CHINA)