Aquarium new builds, repairs & maintenance

Saltwater Tank Services:


  1. Design
  2. Build
  3. Supply
  4. Retrofit
  5. Service

In addition to providing the freshest seafood products that New Zealand has to offer we also offer comprehensive design, build, supply, retrofit and service packages for live seafood holding systems. We see too many systems within the industry that are essentially glorified aquariums. These are incapable of handling the stocking levels that most restaurants or retailers require, with poor access and are difficult to service. These flaws usually add up to poor water quality, stock damage and/ or loss and an increase in labour costs associated with maintaining the tank. As a consequence Oceans Best have taken the approach that no one else is capable of looking after their products in the industry so we have developed our suite of services accordingly. This will see lower percentages of stock loss, lower servicing costs, lower labour costs and higher sales volumes all of which will directly impact the bottom line.



Looking to build a new seafood holding system? Talk to us today. Whether you are after an effective system on a budget or a high end, high capacity system we can help manage the process from the outset. We will meet with you, discuss your needs and develop a plan to suit you as the client. Once this has been developed to the point that you as the client are happy with the plan and we are happy with how effectively the system will operate the system will be commissioned. At this stage we will advise you of the lead time (time between order and delivery).



Having ordered your custom designed system from Oceans Best we will then install this system for you. Each install is unique and will have its own unique set of challenges to see through to completion. We will endeavour to keep business disruption to a minimum during the install process.



Oceans Best pride ourselves on being a one stop shop. We will supply, install and manage all aspects of the process. This includes equipment such as water chillers which we have our own in house team of refrigeration engineers to install. This saves you the client from having to source and purchase any equipment relating to the seafood holding system.

If you already have a live seafood holding system and need to maintain, repair or replace any piece of specialist equipment, talk to us today to obtain a competitive and obligation free quote without the hassle of having to track the equipment down yourself.



Do you already have a live seafood holding system and are not happy with its operation? We can help. Oceans Best staff will conduct a no obligations site visit and appraisal of your current live seafood holding system. This will be followed up by a comprehensive report relating to the current operational shortcomings of the system and how we propose these be fixed.

Retrofitting existing systems is not the easiest task in the world and may result in some disruption to your business, however the benefits that can be gained from retrofitting cannot be understated. Is your product up to standard or does it seem lethargic and dull? Are you losing products from your system at a high rate? Typically this is down to poor system design which have been designed by people or companies that will never have to deal with the ramifications of a poorly functioning system. Often these people have no background in aquatic system engineering and do not understand the ramifications of small design flaws that can cause massive problems in the future for the operators.



Oceans Best also offers comprehensive service packages for all live seafood holding systems. These service packages are tailored to the specific needs of the client and are dependent on the number of tanks, volume of water and the overall layout of the systems. Oceans Best will come in water change your systems, clean and polish the viewing panes, clean the filters, service the water chillers etc on a regular basis. A system that is operating efficiently with moderate to high turnover should require water changes every 6-8 weeks.

From the customers point of view this is ideal as regular service charges represent a fixed charge so they will be able to plan for this in their budget and have the peace of mind that their system has been well cared for which minimizes the risk of losing stock.

Talk to us today about developing a regular maintenance and service plan to suit your needs.